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Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, the refreshingly imaginative lyricist has been unceasingly grinding for the last decade on the underground circuits, making a name in the Christian hip-hop community not only as an artist, but also as a premiere producer and a relentlessly hard worker. With a reputation of delivering crunk, anthem-type music that motivates listeners to do right, K-Drama is set to only reach higher heights with his new home at CMR. K-Drama and Cross Movement Records share the same sharply-honed desire to edify Christians worldwide, and their pairing promises to increase their focused strengths exponentially.


At the early age of 14, K-Drama felt the charge to evangelize through hip-hop. He hit the streets, rapping wherever he could; from festivals and outreaches, to church services and juvenile detention centers.  With a unique delivery of music and words, along with his humor and personable character, K-Drama caught the attention of people from many backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures. His talent and zeal for God enabled him to travel the country, capturing audiences with crowd favorites like the sarcastic, yet truthful, “Did He Say That,” the crowd energizing, “Let Freedom Bang,” and his most popular song to date, “Air Jordan,” which has electrified his genre, garnering untold amount of remixes and impacting the world of music.