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Now Available: K-Drama's WE FIT (EXTRA REPS) with 5 new trax, music video & digital book 

Watch K-Drama's "Get Your Weight Up" music video.


Preview 5 new bonus tracks.

Buy Now K-Drama's We Fit (Extra Reps Deluxe) which features Chris T. of Level 3:16, Phanatik, Sean Slaughter, Pastor AD3, KamB.I.N.O., Willie Will, & More for $9.99.



Get Your Weight Up Rmx ft. KamBINO, Kadence, Phanatik, Dice Gamble, Kaleb Starr & Chris T. of Level 3:16



We Fit: The Workout Plan (Extra Reps - Deluxe Version) is comprised of the following 18 songs + 5 new bonus tracks:

  1. Bodybuilders
  2. Holistic
  3. Get Your Weight Up
  4. Slim Down
  5. Gotta Run
  6. You Doing Too Much (feat. Yung Hayte)
  7. Sweat It Out
  8. This Waste
  9. Spot Me (feat. Matthew Bracey)
  10. Don't Look Down On Me (feat. Pastor AD3 & Sean Slaughter)
  11. DIE-IT (feat. Humble Tip)
  12. Hope They Ain't Lying (feat. Isaiah Freeman IV)
  13. More Than I Can Bear (feat. Charde Jones)
  14. The Power Team (feat. D-MAUB, Atia Evans, Deacon Das, Soulja K & Lesun)
  15. Bar (feat. Willie Will)
  16. Win or Lose
  17. Stronger On My Knees (feat. CMO)
  18. ABnormal (feat. Nue Breed, JMartyr, C-Micah, Adalid & Eric Cross)
  19. Get Your Weight Up Remix (feat. KamB.I.N.O., Kadence, Phanatik, Dice Gamble, Kaleb Starr & Chris T. of Level 3:16) [Bonus Track]
  20. Things Ain't Working Out [Bonus Track]
  21. Ex-Glutton [Bonus Track]
  22. Suffer [Bonus Track]
  23. Elevator [Bonus Track]


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