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What is being said about Level 3:16?
LouderThanTheMusic.com Review (4.5 out of 5 stars): If you're looking for a new fresh hard hitting band, Level 3:16 might be a band worth checking out, their self titled debut album is a great start for Hip Hop in 2011.
DaSouth.com Review (4 out of 5 stars): Level 3:16’s new self-titled debut... is refreshing, catchy, inspirational, and impressive at best. For a newbie group... they sound more like veterans...
Rapzilla.com: Eric - Amazing line up of songs... The beats are banging, the melodies are smooth, and the vocals are enchanting - mix that with a godly message = WOW! Level 3:16 really brings a fresh and unique sound to the Christian Hip Hop scene... Welcome to my favorite artists folder!
iTunes: Marcus - On a Level of their own - Their sound is so fresh! I expected their album to be pretty good just based off their singles but this album has far exceeded my expectations. Mishal - Amazing - I've been buying all my songs from iTunes for about 5 years but this is the first time I'm buying a whole album.
Amazon.com: L. White - Amazing Album - I love this album... I tell my friends they must listen... it's a message in every track. I think this album is good for the youth. Each song touches me in some way.
Twitter: @OmgItsLySaundra - Got my mama listening to @Level316 instead of the radio! This is how I #TellEm. @DJ_ELVEE - Ok Level 3:16 is off tha chain... If you don't have it you betta add it to your collection. Blessings
Facebook: Justin - I showed the video for "Tell Em'" and preached a lesson surrounding it... to God be the glory! Our students loved the song! Reyonna - I work with children with emotional & behavior disorders... [who] came across your album and were blown away that gospel music could sound "this hype". This lead to many different discussions about GOD, JESUS and Religion. Leonard - I let my son hear the cd, and the different perspective of life is what ministered to him... ya'll have now become my favorites as a group.
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