Phanatik - Music Vid + Bonus Trax + Remastered = Extended Album
Phanatik - Party Over Here (Extended Version)

Phanatik's Party Over Here (Extended Version) with 3 new trax, remastered audio & music video set to drop on 6-28-2011

Watch Phanatik's "Slumber Party (Ft. Mac the Doulos)" music video, loosely based on the movie Inception.


Listen to 3 new bonus tracks.

BUY NOW Phanatik's Party Over Here (Extended Version) features Young Joshua, K-Drama, Propoganda, Redd Lettaz, Mac the Doulos, Datin, Willie Will, Stephen the Levite, and More. 



Party Over Here (Extended Version) is comprised of the following 16 songs + 3 new bonus tracks:

  1. Welcome Party (ft. Matt "Mojo" Morginsky)
  2. Back on da block (Interlude ft. Victor Cooper & Ohene)
  3. Block Party
  4. Pool Party (ft. Psalmizt)
  5. Pity Party (ft. Shareece “Sha” Alexander)
  6. Slumber Party (ft. Mac the Doulos)
  7. Wake Up (Interlude)
  8. Prayze Party
  9. Going Away Party (ft. Melissa Thorp & Shareece “Sha” Alexander)
  10. Party Over Here (Interlude)
  11. Pizza Party
  12. Sweet 16’s (ft. Disciple & Evangel)
  13. Release Party
  14. After Party (ft. K-Drama)
  15. Surprise Party – Sweet 16’s Remix (ft. Young Joshua, Willie Will, Propaganda, Stephen the Levite & Evangel) [Bonus Track]
  16. Pool Party: Hot-Tub Remix (ft. Psalmizt, G.O.D.Sent, & Redd Lettaz) [Bonus Track]
  17. Pity Party Remix (ft. Mac the Doulos & G.O.D.Sent) [Bonus Track]
  18. Rescue Party (ft. Datin) [Bonus Track]
  19. Victory Party [Bonus Track]
  20. Slumber Party (ft. Mac the Doulos) [Music Video]
  21. Party Over Here (Extended Version) [Digital Booklet]


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