Phanatik - Music Vid + Bonus Trax + Remastered = Extended Album
Phanatik - Party Over Here (Extended Version)

Phanatik's Party Over Here (Extended Version) with 3 new trax, remastered audio & music video set to drop on 6-28-2011

Watch Phanatik's "Slumber Party (Ft. Mac the Doulos)" music video, loosely based on the movie Inception..


Listen to 3 new bonus tracks.

BUY NOW Phanatik's Party Over Here (Extended Version) features Young Joshua, K-Drama, Propoganda, Redd Lettaz, Mac the Doulos, Datin, Willie Will, Stephen the Levite, and More. 

Phanatik - Digital Booklet + "Party Planner" Q&A


Phanatik's Party Over Here (Extended Version) contains 3 new trax, remastered audio & music video. This digital booklet can be downloaded with the purchase of the album - BUY NOW


Q & A with Phanatik about the

re-released and extended Party Over Here


Why are you throwing a second Part Over Here?

Well, have you ever thrown someone a party, and invited a bunch of guest only to realize that, for whatever the reasons, only some of the people you invited were able to attend? Well, even though a lot of people came and enjoyed the party, I wanted to throw the invite out there one more time to let those other headz know what they were missing.


What’s different about the 2nd Party Over Here album?

1st it’s mastered differently. This time around we went for more of a bottom end feel while at the same time brought out the vocals in a few of the tracks.

2nd The Bonus tracks are quite fruity, and by fruity, I mean bananas! Or perhaps I mean fruitful, these tracks do a pretty good job at planting God-glorifying, Gospel-centered seeds in the heart of the listener.


What should I Wear to this Party?

Your Thinking Cap – It seems I’ve become known for thought provoking lyrics; messages masquerading in metaphor or wordplay and reoccurring themes throughout the album. If you’re looking to shut off your mind and just put on some background music, you can try it, but don’t be surprised if you get sucked into the story and theme of the album.


What’s the Damage?

A few Dollar$ at the Door – I know that these days it’s easy to acquire the music you rock for free online, but if you enjoy this party, show ya love so that, perhaps, I’ll be able to throw more in the future.


Who Else is Going to be There?

Well, aside from the guests who were on the original version [K-Drama, Young Joshua, Propaganda, Willie Will, Psalmizt, Stephen the Levite & others], I’ve also invited Mac the Doulos and G.O.D.Sent to help remix the Pity Party. Redd Lettaz provided a very decorative verse on the Pool Party remix. My man Datin, who left a prominent secular rap career at the foot of the cross when he met Jesus joined me for a Rescue Party. And the producer B. Ready baked up a delicious dessert to close out with a Victory Party.


Well, that’s it for now. I hope to see you there. Enjoy!



Watch Phanatik's "Slumber Party (Ft. Mac the Doulos)" music video, loosely based on the movie Inception.


Listen to 3 new bonus tracks.

Phanatik to Release New Album Party Over Here
Phanatik - Party Over Here

Phanatik, original member of The Cross Movement, set to release new album Party Over Here with Cross Movement Records on November 23, 2010, alongside his first self-published book

(Philadelphia, PA) October 18, 2010 – Cross Movement Records announces the third solo album from veteran, East-coast emcee Phanatik, original member of the pioneering rap group The Cross Movement.  Phanatik creatively delivers a fun, heart-challenging project titled Party Over Here, set to hit stores on November 23, 2010.


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